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About WikiVice

What is WikiVice?

WikiVice is a Rails-based app that shows a visualized edit history for Wikipedia's pages. It pulls from Wikipedia's own (fantastic) API. For each page, it gathers 500 of the past edits and 500 of the past edit authors to aggregate data and show things about the page's edits— for example, how often the page is changed, who is editing the page, how many anonymous authors have contributed, and where those anonymous authors have come from. So why make WikiVice? All of this information is already readily available on Wikipedia. However, it's impossible to find all of this information in the same place, and it's really, really difficult to understand what's going on. We wanted to show an edit history for each page that makes sense. Scroll through each page to see graphs, maps, a timeline of recent edits, and links to past edit author's pages to see what other pages they're editing.


  • Use the search bar to search for a page.
  • Click the shuffle button for a random page.
  • Scroll down to see the most recently edited pages.
On a page
  • See quick stats on how often the page is edited.
  • View a map of where anonymous edits come from.
  • See a list of the past five authors, and which pages the last author also edited (always fun!)
  • Check out the graph to see how often the page has been edited.
  • BONUS: If there's been a recent vandalism edit, it'll be shown on the page. Click the Twitter icon in our nav bar to see it appear on our Twitter page. You did that!
  • Last, see a timeline of the past edits. Added parts are in green, deleted parts are in red.
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